Kamis, 27 Maret 2014

KLAUS & CO : Merlyn Widjaja

I really busy these past few months for my new collection. This time, you can shop and purchase my collection at KLAUS. What is KLAUS & CO?

"KLAUS & CO is brainchild of three passionate fashion director and educatos. Veronica, Cynthia, and Emily are committed to guide every unique fashioner to create their first fashion screenplay. We dream to witness firsthand how to plot and star in your own show: a fashion talent's journey from zero to hero, a fashionable path to reach that top of the line. We something in common: fashion is in our blood. We eat, we sleep, we breath fashion. One might say it's a obsession, but we call it passion. We love sharing our experiences about fashion, lifestyle, and the beautiful relationship between them. But more than that, we are eager to listen to the younger generations' vision and help to make it come true. In KLAUS  & CO, you will learn how to start a collection, step by step run a production, and eventually market your creation, you own labor to love. The dream of becoming a fashion entrepeneur will finally within your grasp."
So, one of the young designer who join to KLAUS is me. The theme for all of the designers collection is Stairs of Minimalism and the sub theme for my collection was inspired by Church of Lights by Japanese Architecture Tadao Ando. Tadao Ando's  churches are great examples of how little light you need to heighten emotion. A windowless room with even a sliver is so much better than one with nothing. It's part of our human instinct. The space of the chapel is defined by light, the strong contrast between light and solid. Merlyn Widjaja’s style is defined by modern design, focusing on clean lines and fine fabrics.

Shop my collection here:
KLAUS & CO by Merlyn Widjaja

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