Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Electric BxB Top

Vivo Top | Pink Label Latex Legging | Charles and Keith Bag | June and Julia shoes | Juicy Couture Bracelet

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
This was my outfit when me and my friends had fashion show for Palm Award in Plaza Senayan about a month ago. I was wearing blue peplum top with latex legging and CnK Bag and June and Julia shoes again. I'm sorry but i love to wear the same things again if i love it.

I love the peplum top with the combination in electric blue and soft transparent black tulle and i like to wear it without tank top although i wore tank top in the pictures (haha -.-") yeahh because of the top was too big for me and not fit me well .

Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Ventilateur De La Main - Gaga Goes Batik

I was busy these weeks for the photoshoots. I had 3 times of photoshoots with my team and friends and it was really fun, and yesterday was my last day in my college and with my friends. I'm going to graduate soon in April. 

This collection would be my portfolio. The theme is "Gaga goes Batik" and I was inspired by fan. It's a couture dress with the balloon and pleats skirt  like fan or ? (whatever) lol.

Do you know Batik? Do you like Batik? I used Batik Garud for the main fabric ( as you can see or you can't recognize it, I used 2 different patterns and colors. one was navy blue with red and the other one was navy blue and pink.), cream Taffeta and pink Suede. Batik Garud has so many patterns and colors. You have to purchase as you needed or more because you can't find them in the same color again for the next purchase/second purchase. 

Designer & Stylist : Marcella Merlyn widjaja (me)
Model : Aliona Ruchko "Fame Management"
Photographer: Edward Dw
Makeup : Stella Tjia
Hair Stylist : Jeffry Welly