Kamis, 23 Agustus 2012


by Mellisa lawijaya

STV_8559 copy-1
by Hestia Calista

by Merlyn Widjaja

STV_8673 copy copy-1
STV_8647 copy-1
by Lydia Kurnia

Me and my friends designed all of the garments for managing class project. we were inspired by traveling because we ( my teacher also) divided our collections to be 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter). We used the colorful colors and had the back details for the collections. 

We already known the fall collection was failed because it's for spring/summer collection because the teacher chose 3 looks for spring/summer and 1 for fall/winter, so we moved the red one for fall collection because the rules said so (2 looks for s/s and 2 looks for f/w.  So, which one do you think is my design? 

Designer : Lydia Kurnia, Mellisa Lawijaya, Merlyn Widjaja, Hestia Calista
Model : Likly Tantra
Photographer: Stev Dennis
Stylist : Lydia Kurnia, Mellisa Lawijaya, Merlyn Widjaja, Hestia Calista

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