Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Photoshoot! Mini Collection - Fuzzy Loop

These are some of my mini collection photoshoot with Darius Manihuruk as the Photographer, Ari Alba as the makeup artist and Wardrobe by Marcella Merlyn Widjaja. This is my mini collection school project inspired by Bunny "Fuzzy Loop". There are 2 looks and i will post about the rest soon.

Designer & Stylist : Marcella Merlyn widjaja (me)
Model : Rhana Gomez "Moda Embassy"
Photographer: Darius Manihuruk
Makeup & Hairdo : Ari Alba

If you want to collaborate with me, send me email : Merlynwidjaja@hotmail.com with your portfolios. Thank you so much =)